PMHW: Primary Mental Health Worker

Play Therapists

Play Therapy helps the children to explore, at their own pace and with their own agenda, those issues, past and current, conscious and unconscious, that are affecting the child's life in the present. Play therapy is effective for youngsters of all ages, most often used for children aged 2.5 to about 12 years, whose development is delayed or arrested as a result of presenting problems including: trauma, neglect, abuse; Loss through bereavement, family breakdown or separation from culture of origin; Witnessing/ experience of domestic abuse or parental substance misuse; Behaviour / emotional difficulties arising from their experiences.
Play is a vital part of child development promoting socialization, gross and fine motor skills, emotional and social intelligence, empathy, reflection, problem solving, creativity, initiative and resilience to stress.
We have therapy rooms equipped with a variety of toys and creative art materials selected, a) to match developmental stages of play and b) to encourage children to express feelings. The child not judged or rushed and can experiment without fear of criticism, thus giving them control over their healing.
Current Play Therapy practice, although rooted in the non directive approach can be on a continuum from non directive to focused therapy.

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