Assessment: Usually the first time you meet someone they will ask lots of questions so they understand the big picture of what is going on for you.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with specialist training in mental illnesses and emotional problems. Each team has a consultant psychiatrist who has completed their professional training. If you need to take medication, they will be responsible for arranging this. They may also have trained in psychotherapy. There may also be an “associate specialist” or “staff grade” doctor, who will have trained in psychiatry but who has not become a consultant. They will usually work closely with the consultant. A “specialty trainee” or “specialist registrar” is a doctor who is training to be a consultant and will also be closely supervised by the consultant.

Psychiatrists sometimes see patients on their own in an out-patient clinic. More often, they work as part of a team with colleagues from other professions such as nursing, social work, psychology and occupational therapy. The psychiatrist will also work as a consultant to the team, discussing people's individual mental health needs and working out how to best manage them.

The psychiatrist will also review patients with other team members in their regular team review meetings.

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